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A new iPad 2 in the house!

I was so excited yesterday to pick up my brand new iPad 2 from the school office:




…very rarely am I alone when I get to open exciting packages like this…



…I was surprised that it was white (should I have been?). It’s so Mac-like!

 …I have no idea how to work it…

…so I take it home and work it out there 🙂

And the verdict, so far…

What is great about the iPad:

  • I can make it work by touching the screen; like my phone, but the screen is BIG! It makes such a difference.
  • I’ve got wireless and 3G but so far it has just been running on wireless through my home connection.  At lightning speed.  So awesome.
  • Checking my Tumblr stream…the pictures are massive and it looks so good.
  • Using Muro on to draw. Wow!  Tablets ROCK!
  • The iView app (recent ABC shows anytime)
  • (oh. my. god. I can’t believe I haven’t tried making a collage in polyvore yet!!!)

What is weird about the iPad:

  • Where is Word?
  • Where do I save my files?
  • Why can’t I upload the pictures I take with it?
  • Why doesn’t Facebook have an official app?