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United Airlines – lucky they don’t work for tips

You know when you’re going overseas and you get yourself all psyched for chilling out with drinks, snacks, and movies on demand?  I know that’s how I was feeling when I got on my United Airlines flight to San Francisco last weekend.  And because I was travelling alone, I was also kinda counting on being occupied with film and booze 😉

Alas, my United Airlines flight to San Francisco had NO on demand viewing, not even individual screens.  I (and my neck) thought that kinda sucked, but it was even suckier when they had to reboot the system a few hours in, because the business class system was acting up.  Grr.  Yes, I could have read a book…only I didn’t take one, and anyway, my brain was too fried to focus on anything substantial (as is usually the case when you’ve had a few days of rushing around getting ready fr a trip O/S).

Add to that the $6 charge for alcoholic drinks (on a plane leaving from Australia!??).  And announcements that they didn’t bother stopping the movie to make (but then again how much can you miss of such classic films as The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2?)

And honestly, their service was just not good. They didn’t give any information about what was in the meals, or what to fill out to get through customs…it really makes you appreciate the friendly folk at QANTAS.

At the end of the day though, how much can you complain when you are one of the people lucky enough to be taking a holiday overseas?  Well, when you are paying thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash for something, about this much, I guess 🙂

And I am one of the lucky ones.  My trip was just boring – this poor guy had his brand new didgeridoo smashed by United Airlines luggage handlers, who refuse to accept liability.  My sympathies Allan!


7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About ME Meme

Darcy Moore tagged me for this meme.  So, 7 things you don’t need to know about me are…

  1. My great, great, great, great, great grandfather on my mother’s side was Thomas Rose, and his family came to Australia on the Bellona in 1792 in a small group of the first free and independent settlers in Australia.  Ever visit ‘Old Sydney Town’ on a school excursion?  You would have taken a tour of Rose Cottage, where my ancestors lived.
  2. My husband and I got together on my 13th birthday, so turning 28 last month meant that we have now been together for 15 years already.  He is the love of my life!  We were born only 10 days apart (both stubborn/ambitious/travel-loving Sagittarius‘), went to the same school, and moved out together when we were 19 because we didn’t like spending so much time apart at Uni 🙂
  3. I grew up in a 3-bedroom fibro house in Cabramatta West, which we didn’t move out of until I was 17.  We would often go back and visit it after we left – then one day I was driving with a friend and took her to see the house.  It had been demolished days before, and there was just a bare patch of land left with a few bits of rubble.  I cried…and cried…
  4. I was Dux of my Primary School, and Captain of my High School.  I am finishing my PhD now, and it has made me swear off that particular brand of over-achieving forever.
  5. I was in high school during the grunge years, so bands ranking highly on my list of favourites are Nirvana, Green Day and Pearl Jam.  I remember when Kurt died, and how important it was to so many of us.
  6. The first time I went overseas I was 20.  It was to Scotland to visit family, and it was also the first time I saw snow.  I played in it every day and never once got sick of it.
  7. I watch Neighbours. Religiously.

I am passing this meme to:

Julie Bain

Angela Thomas

Scott Bulfin

Colin & Michele

Judy O’Connell

Elaine Talbert

…and to my Drama class blog.  They will have fun doing this when school goes back 🙂