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A Teacher’s Guide To Web 2.0 at School

I love, love, LOVE these slides by Sacha Chua:

I absolutely ADORE finding stuff on Slideshare that doesn’t rely on hearing the speaker (sometimes 100 slides just don’t make sense outta context, you dig?). This is my new favourite 🙂  Best part of the message? “It’s OK if you don’t get it.  We’re all still figuring things out”.  So true.

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Bladerunner Screenshots

Here is a slideshow of screenshots from the Bladerunner: The Director’s Cut (1992) directed by Ridley Scott.

Please feel free to use it in class and pass it on to other teachers and students.  It’s only a selection of shots, but may be very welcome in this revision period before the HSC 🙂

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Top 25 FREE Tools

Thanks to Amy for the link to this excellent site – I am such a fan already!

Among other things Jane Hart has composed a list of TOP 25 most popular free tools on the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008 list. Here is the Top 25, from Jane’s Slideshare.

After looking through the list for tools I DIDN’T have, I was reminded to try Slideshare and Jing. I have now joined up, and dowloaded respectively…time to play 🙂

I have already uploaded a the slides from my GaTe Action Research Presentation…now to test out Jing…


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