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A nest of posts

Not sure what the collective noun for posts is (?)

Here is a nest of posts this week that have stayed with me. Not keen to post them on social media so much because argh the noise everywhere this week is deafening…

Post 1: You can’t fix education. By Hank Green on Medium.


Post 2: Cultural Marxism: A uniting theory for rightwingers who love to play the victim. By Jason Wilson in The Guardian.

Post 3: The truth will set you free. By Graham Brown-Martin on Medium.

What posts have had impact for you this week?

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Obama vs Palin

For anyone playing last minute catch-up on the US Presidential election before the votes start rolling in tonight, just compare these.  On one side we have Democrat Barack Obama’s (very heartfelt and sincere, imho) 30 minute ‘infomercial’, and on the other side we have the (ditzy and gullible) Sarah Palin, Republican Vice-President nominee, being pranked by a Canadian radio host pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Surely the game is already over?

Palin pranked by CKOI 96.9 FM Montreal.
And here, Obama…the next US President:


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