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My English faculty Moodle

I’ve been working on my faculty Moodle course this past week at my high school, and wanted to share some of what we are doing in English.  I’d love some critique, and ideas for what has worked well in other English faculties specifically.

I have set our faculty area of the Moodle up with the following courses:

  • Year 7 English
  • Year 8 English
  • Year 9 English
  • Year 10 English
  • Standard English Prelim
  • Advanced English Prelim
  • Standard English HSC
  • Advanced English HSC
  • English Extension 1 Prelim
  • English Extension 1 HSC
  • English Extension 2 HSC
  • Fundamentals of English (Years 11-12)

Each course is set to topics view, and begins with 2-4 topics that are relevant to the entire course.  For example, in the Year 10 course:

Underneath the general course information topics, each class has been given a topic area – individual teachers will maintain their own class topic area, adding information and resources throughout the year.  Here is an example of one Year 7 teacher’s class information:

Am I on the right track here?  I didn’t want to make a whole course for each class – too cumbersome.  And I’m setting up class ‘groups’ in each course now.  Has anyone else had experience with this?  Any advice?