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Just beginning a Year 11 unit on Macbeth (comparing Shakespeare’s play to a film version). Going through my resources I would have to say that I find the following three online resources provide all the material my students will need to supplement their reading:

  1. Royal Shakespeare Company resources for Macbeth, in particular the online play guide
  2. The No Fear Shakespeare ‘translation’ of Shakespeare’s play into modern English
  3. Notes on Macbeth from the new literature website Shmoop (still in Beta)

These sites don’t take a ‘cheat sheet’ approach to the play, but instead help students to cut through the language and think more deeply about the play in production, which in turn helps them to find meanng in the play.  Are there any ‘must see’ sites that you would add?  Of course all the big Shakespearean plays have a million online summaries, but would you add anything from those to my best of list above?

I would LOVE to get more adventurous and use Angela Thomas’ Second Life Virtual Macbeth island, but the machines at school would seriously not cope (on so many levels!)  I might see later in the unit if the students would be willing to explore this from home.


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