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I’ve just been browsing through Jo McLeay‘s student blogs, which are hosted by 21classes.  I know I have heard of this site before, but I have been so happy with Edublogs that I haven’t bothered to pursue any other providers.  The main features that 21classes lay claim to are:

  • Host and manage blogs for your students
  • Use a Class Homepage to communicate with students

It looks at first glance like 21classes provides an easier structure for teachers to link student blogs to a main class blog.  Another selling point is that students apparently don’t need an email address to sign up for a blog…good news for DET teachers whose students don’t use their DET email, but also can’t access their Hotmail or Gmail accounts on the school computers!

Is anyone out there using 21classes?

Has anyone used 21classes AND Edublogs, and can comment on how they compare?


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