New Years Resolutions – 2012

By nigelhowe (CC BY 2.0)

OK, just a couple of weeks late for a post like this, but what can I say?

I feel the urge to make some plans.

  1. Go to less conferences: I loves me a good conference 🙂  But when you fill up every break you have with a work trip, you never actually have a break.  Sounds reasonable enough, however I am already slated to attend the AERA annual meeting in April, the AATE conference in October, and the AARE-APERA conference in December.  At least that’s one less than last year I suppose…
  2. Learn more names: 9 weeks to learn 80 names – by golly! Putting students into reading groups helped me to learn more names last semester.  Next semester I think more students will be joining Twitter for their assessment task, so that will help a little more.  But my big idea this semester is to use OneNote better for this kind of thing, giving each class its own folder and importing student photos where possible.
  3. Finish three academic papers: This is my year to publish, I’m sure.  Thesis writing burnt me out for a long time in terms of wanting to write, but this year my resolve is firmly in this direction.  I need to remember how to write and be happy.

It’s got to be dangerous to make more than three new years resolutions, so I’ll stop there!

I still have a month before university teaching starts again.  Plenty of time to work on some writing.  But also plenty of time to work on my blog, and on my unit outline, and a raft of other things.

At least this post is out of the way.

First posts of the year; they make me kinda nervous…

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