Quick and dirty Eddies

Very conscious that the Edublog Award nominations are closing tonight, but stuck in a hotel with no WiFi and slighly tempremental devices…

Still, my moby is playing nice enough to let me post these – my three best favourite blogs, and a free tool that should be getting more Edu-love, imo:

Best School Administrator blog
Darcy Moore’s Blog
Darcy continually puts forward ideas and resources that are either immediately of interest to me, or make their way into my orbit months (or years) later. Progressive, responsive and visionary Darcy – I’m sure i won’t be the only blogger to nominate him 🙂

Best teacher blog
Bianca Hewes
For her edupunk ethos, and her uber reflective practice, Bianca always gets my vote. Now she’s started an MEd. in edu research, making this a hot blog to watch for all things Project-based.
PBL ftw!

Best individual blog
Dean Groom
Dean is doing some really sexy Games-based learning work. He shares on his blog, among other things, his powerful use of Minecraft to connect kids AND their parentals to meaningful and fun learning online. His posts always give me something to think about – sometimes to disagree with – and his generosity with knowledge and resources is an important factor in the growth of interst in GBL in Sydney and beyond.

Best free web tool
At first glance this looks like a fashion website. But dig past the front page and you’ll discover a collage making tool with a vibrant community of users and a rich collection of ‘sets’ covering a wide range of highly creative art, literature and even interior design sets. Easy to use, highly addictive, 100% recommendable (as long as you can forgive the fashionista links to retail items…which any good critical user should be able to manage 😉 )

Now, off to submit my post link. I hope I made it in time!

Thank-you to every blogger i have read this year. While i was finishing my thesis I did fall a little out of the loop; i hope to be a better reader, and commenter, in 2012.

Good luck to my peeps, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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