12Words: kmcg2375

Using the same username as I do on Twitter, I have been posting my own ’12 word stories’ to the 12Words website, which was launched at the start of the month.

The objective is to use 12 words or less to “tell a story, convey a mood, or give a glimpse at a person”.  You can only submit one story per week.  These are the two I have submitted so far:

12wordskmcg2375Yeah, I’m hoping to refine my skill over time 😛

My suggestion to other teachers in my faculty is going to be that we:

  1. All English teachers write a 12 words story, and students vote for favourite
  2. All students write a 12 words story, and these are collected end of each day and put up on a noticeboard for all to read
  3. Depending on interest, we could also offer book prizes for best student stories, judged by Head Teacher!

I just love this idea, and am going to promote it to all of my classes 🙂

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