Hottest 100 Women

Well, turns out the answer to the question ‘what kind of people do you reckon will vote in the Hottest 100 Women poll?’ it looks like the answer is…people like me.  I love this top 10!

  1. “Respect”, by Aretha Franklin, from USA, in 1967
  2. “Wuthering Heights”, by Kate Bush, from England, in 1978
  3. “Cornflake Girl”, by Tori Amos, from USA, in 1994
  4. “Glory Box”, by Portishead, from England, in 1994
  5. “Cannonball”, by Breeders, from USA, in 1995
  6. “Piece Of My Heart”, by Janis Joplin, from USA, in 1968
  7. “Nothing Compares 2 U”, by Sinead O’Connor, from Ireland, in 1990
  8. “Son Of A Preacher Man”, by Dusty Springfield, from England, in 1968
  9. “Seether”, by Veruca Salt, from USA, in 1994
  10. “Hyperballad”, by Bjork, from Iceland, in 1995


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