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Social Media in Plain English

A simple story from the commoncraft show that “illustrates the forces shaping social media”

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Top 25 FREE Tools

Thanks to Amy for the link to this excellent site – I am such a fan already!

Among other things Jane Hart has composed a list of TOP 25 most popular free tools on the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008 list. Here is the Top 25, from Jane’s Slideshare.

After looking through the list for tools I DIDN’T have, I was reminded to try Slideshare and Jing. I have now joined up, and dowloaded respectively…time to play 🙂

I have already uploaded a the slides from my GaTe Action Research Presentation…now to test out Jing…


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Grading with Games

I could listen to James Gee all day…

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Digital Storytelling

I’ve come across some excellent resources tonight for teaching digital storytelling.

Memory’s Voices is the website for The Center for Digital Storytelling.  When I visited the site the sample stories weren’t working, but the Digital Storytelling Cookbook is a great resource.

A great introduction to why we tell stories can be found on the Call of Story website.  The site is geared more towrds a revivial of verbal, live storytelling, but the information about storytelling in general is great to get new digital storytellers thinking.

I also found great materials on this website made by Kevin Hodgson for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project.  The site includes a detailed tutorial on how to use MovieMaker to make a digital story, sample storyboards, an assessment marking rubric, and more.

And amongst all this I had to go back to the Capture Wales site, just to watch a few more of their digital stories!  The ‘BBC – Telling Lives‘ page is also a great source of digital stories.

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