Use #etaq21c to ask me things tomorrow!

More specifically, use #etaq21c to ask me questions about Digital Literacy and electronic text practices in English curriculum.  The conference theme says it all: “English and Generation Next”

ETAQ’s Annual State Conference  will be held atLourdes Hill College on Saturday 20 August. The theme is “English and Generation Next”.

The program will feature a keynote address by Professor Peter Holbrook from the University of Queensland’s School of English, Media Studies and Art History, a Q & A style panel session [that’s where I’m presenting!!], and a range of supporting workshops. Professor Holbrook’s address is entitled “Literature, Literacy, the Imagination, Freedom”.

So, if you are an English teacher, or if you are interested in digital texts and the future of the book, please, shoot some questions our way! You can post them here as a comment, but if you use Twitter then posting a comment or question there with the hashtag #etaq21c would Really Make My Day 🙂

I am soooo looking forward to this panel presentation!  The full list of people in the panel session are:

  • Professor Catherine Beavis (Griffith University and ETAQ Patron)
  • Professor Peter Holbrook (University of Queensland)
  • Kelli McGraw (Lecturer, QUT)
  • Janina Drazek (Executive Director, Teaching and Learning, Education Queensland)

I’ll be talking about ‘acts of reading and writing’ and ‘digital pedagogy’.

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