Learning Styles Don’t Exist

I came to this interesting video via Tom Whitby on The Educator’s PLN, explaining the theory of learning styles and the relationship (or lack thereof) it has to helping students to learn something new.

I certainly remember doing quizes in class at high school and talking with teachers about my learning style score.  I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be though – I guessed language and visual based – so I went and did some online tests to find out.  Here are my results for tests of Visual/Audio/Kinesthetic (VAK) style preferences:

From the University of South Dakota (2009):

you answered A-6 B-5 C-5

based on this info you are probably

a Visual


From Businessballs.com (learning and development resources) – simple test:

Visual = 9

Auditory = 3

Kinesthetic/Tactile = 1

Interestingly, taking the Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences quiz (again from Businessballs.com) I didn’t score so high on the ‘visual’, which I suspect may be conceived differently than in the VAK model:

Intelligence type your totals
Linguistic 35
Logical-Mathematical 25
Musical 32
Bodily-Kinesthetic 24
Spatial-Visual 29
Interpersonal 34
Intrapersonal 31

So, I went back to searching for VAK learning style tests.

This one didn’t peg me as a visual learner.  It also gave me some fancy numbers about how my scores matched up to the mean profiles for each style:

  • Visual = 3 (correlations with mean profiles = -0.07)
  • Auditory = 6 (correlations with mean profiles = 0.56)

  • Kinesthetic = 1 (correlations with mean profiles = -0.54)


I suppose I should be less surprised then that I have ended up an English teacher that highly values multimodality 😛

Though, I never have put too much stock in quick, fr3e online quizes…

I’m going to show my class the You Tube clip next week.  We’re about to talk about differentiation and I know that learning styles comes up every time!

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