Brain fry

Ever get that soupy brain kind of feeling?

I usually come to the end of leave (hmmm, telling – I used to call it ‘holidays’) feeling focussed and refreshed.  Not always ready to end the holiday mind you, but at least with my head together.

2011 on the other hand has arrived with a distinctly where is my mind vibe.

A few months ago, Darcy left me thinking with a post asking about what we think our individual future holds.  It struck me that submitting my PhD and starting an awesome job at QUT looks distinctly like already being in my future.  Exciting, of course, but the prospect of now having to be in it and of having to *shudder* set new goals is apparently more daunting than I gave it credit for.

I need a meme or something to solve this problem.

Should we have a safety word that you can use if my posts get too boring/navel-gazey?


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