Speaking and Writing

I found this excellent quote to describe the different processes of speaking and writing, and the importance of engaging in talk.  Check it out:

Since talking, listening, and reading are all easier than writing, you should use them to prepare for writing.  It is much harder to decide how to say something before you have said it.  And it is definitely harder to decide how to say something in writing that you have never said in conversation.  Talk to people about what you believe.  Test your ideas in the faster, less permanent medium of speech before you try to set them down in the slower, more permanent medium of writing.  Read all you can about what you want to write about, and then talk to someone about it.  Remember that you will have no chance to see how people react when you are writing to them, but you do have a chance to see how they react when you are talking to them.

The full article Thinking About Writing is at http://daphne.palomar.edu/jtagg/thinkwrite.htm

This kind of explanation could be really valuable for teachers and students to discuss.  It is also a great reminder about the importance of structuring class work that gives everyone an opportunity to talk meaningfully, and with purpose.

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