Some people like to lurk and learn.  Some people like to jump right in.

Either way, respecting people’s perspectives and contexts is key.

As is a reciprocal willingness to learn and adapt.

Personally, I’m a ‘jump right in’ kinda gal.  I like to get involved, even if it makes me look a little silly.

Don’t damn me
When I speak a piece of my mind
‘Cause silence isn’t golden
When I’m holding it inside
‘Cause I’ve been where I have been
An I’ve seen what I have seen
I put the pen to the paper
‘Cause it’s all a part of me

Be it a song or casual conversation
To hold my tongue speaks
Of quiet reservations
Your words once heard
They can place you in a faction
My words may disturb
But at least there’s a reaction.

(The only question that remains: what can’t we learn from Guns N’ Roses? hehe.)

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