Heeey Gecko!

One of the lovely things about the move to Queensland has been the geckos that reside in the area.

They mostly stake out lights on garden walls and house verandahs waiting for delicious insect feasts, but a couple have made it into the house as well:

Usually when they make it into the house I take them back outside.  As a kid I often handled common fence skinks in the garden, so these little geckos don’t phase me (spiders are another story entirely).  The main reason I take them outside is because I’m worried I will accidentally squash them or something if they stay inside!  But yesterday another baby one turned up in the bathroom, and I’ve decided that it can stay.

Reading this forum it looks like droppings can also be a problem if you have lots of geckos, but right now it’s just the one.  The forum also has lots of references to the pests and insects that geckos eat, so that is a bonus.

What do you think…to gecko or not to gecko? Does anyone else keep these critters hanging around indoors, or should I take it back outside like I did with the others?

They are said to symbolise regrowth and good luck, but perhaps they can manage these qualities from outside the house 😛

  1. #1 by Amie McGraw on June 17, 2010 - 12:17 pm

    keep it! and love it! and call him george!

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