Technology Leadership Team

Last week I went to my first meeting for my school’s new ‘Technology Leadership Team’.  I am so excited about working with other teachers, especially because they are mostly from other faculties, who are also excited about using technology to enhance learning.

The focus of our group is to plan and/or provide collegial professional development for other staff members in areas of technology.  We all agree that an important aspect of this will be PD in using online tools, such as blogs, wikis and podcasts.

Another exciting thing about the group is that we are planning to trial Moodle with some of our classes this year, and depending on our success, introduce Moodle as a tool across the entire school in 2010.  I can’t wait!  I’m interested to hear from anyone who is Moodling already, about how their school introduced it, and what kind/level of PD was needed.  Are majority of teachers in Moodle-schools using the system effectively?

I’m going to send my blog URL to other members of the team now – I hope they drop by and leave me a comment!

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  1. #1 by darcymoore on December 15, 2008 - 8:30 pm


    I can give you access to our MOODLE in 2009. Can you get the whole team on Twitter?

  2. #2 by kellimcgraw on December 30, 2008 - 7:44 pm

    That would be great Darcy, thanks!

    I’ve sent the team info about Twitter, but we won’t meet face-to-face again until next term…I’m planning to push it more then 😉

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