Back in the Saddle

Visitors to the blog may have noticed a new page addition – one for my PhD thesis.

When I created this blog, in an attempt to pin down the broad areas that I expected to post on, I added the subheading ‘teaching, research, and the rest’.  I was inspired by Darcy’s blog, which proclaimed it would be about ‘education, technology, life’, to also make my blog a place where the professional and personal, the public and the private worlds could happily overlap.  But, unsure I could commit to (the pressure of) saying anything much about ‘life’, I thought I would be better to clump anything that wasn’t related to teaching or research into a vague, and perhaps unpromising, ‘the rest’.

The teaching part was far more obvious – I’m an English teacher and I love sharing resources and reflecting on my practice.  The ‘research’ category however, has been sorely neglected.  In fact, it’s barely made a peep.  And even though I have added plenty to the blog about the Gifted and Talented education action research I was involved in at school, even this is really more about teaching than research.  The real research that I should be focussing on is my PhD thesis, which draws to a long awaited conclusion next March.

Well, after a semester away from uni I am indeed back in the saddle, and am hoping to add more to the blog about my PhD in the coming months.  For now, I’ve dusted the shelves, bought a new bottle of multi-vitamins and paid off my library fines.  Work is progressing…though not without a little procrastination, including a return to my favourite grad student comic strip, Piled Higher and Deeper:




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